Mission and Philosophy

Photo of a student and mentor. The Division of Business and Computer Science prepares professionals for Christian service in the business world by providing quality, student-oriented education that balances practice and theory.


Students are provided with dynamic teacher/student interaction through personalized advising, career planning and involvement in social, professional and divisional activities. Instructors use their business experience to prepare students by serving as role models for the integration of faith and learning.

Theoretical and practical learning is balanced by complementing quality academics with real-life classroom projects and internships.

The Business and Computer Science Department promotes professionalism by teaching effective communication and business decorum, encouraging involvement in leadership roles, career opportunities and networking. Special application of the Christian example is extended to the real world of business ethics.


Students graduating from the Division of Business and Computer Science will

  • apply a Christian philosophy to business and technology ethics

  • demonstrate Christian involvement through volunteering in community activities

  • apply theory to practical situations through classroom projects and internships

  • experience student/teacher involvement through personalized advising and career planning as well as social and professional activities

  • integrate technology into the workplace through appropriate use of word processing, spreadsheets and presentation software

  • work together in effective teams

  • demonstrate professional communication and business decorum

  • be prepared for advanced study.

The divisional assessment plan helps meet these goals by collecting, evaluating and responding to input from division students, internship evaluations and alumni. Student preparation for careers and graduate school will be measured through tracking graduates' job placement, graduate school acceptance, and nationally recognized tests.

Assessment results are available in the Division of Business and Computer Science and in the Office for Institutional Research.