Concert Winds

The Union College Concert Winds is the official name of the band. If you can play a band instrument, the Concert Winds would be more than happy to have you! The band, conducted by Dr. Kurt Miyashiro, performs on a regular basis at College View Church, and often take tours around mid-America to perform for other churches and organizations, all for the glory of God.



This choir group, led by Dr. Dan Lynn, is composed of the best singers at Union College. Members must pass an audition to get in, but once they are part of the Unionaires team, they get to sing in front of College View Church regularly, and often tour the entire United States singing praises to God!


Chamber Orchestra

Union's chamber orchestra is composed of anybody who wants to join and knows how to play a string instrument. It even includes high school students and faculty! The orchestra, conducted by Dr. Kurt Miyashiro, plays music ranging from accompanist pieces to Beethoven, to even modern-day hits.

Union College Music Program

Union College has an extensive Music program that includes a special choir, a general choir, band, and orchestra. Union also offers degrees in music: Music, BA; Music Education, B.S. (split between Instrumental K-12 and Vocal K-12); and Music Performance, B.Music (split between Conducting and Vocal).

Everyone who is willing is more than welcome to join the music groups, as they count for extra-curricular activities and can earn credits toward any major. Students can also show up for band even if they don't take it for credit!

Union also has a Music Club, which often pays visits to music productions in Lincoln. As with the music programs, the Music Club is open for anybody to join.