Division of Nursing (402.486.2524)

Name Title Locationsort ascending Extension Email
Tracy Hagele Picture of Tracy Hagele Nursing Simulation Center Coordinator Love Building: Nursing annex LN-131 2232 trhagele@ucollege.edu
Debbie Eno Picture of Debbie Eno Associate Professor of Nursing Health Complex 416 2342 deeno@ucollege.edu
Ruth Mendenhall Picture of Ruth Mendenhall Associate Professor of Nursing Health Complex 419 2341 rumenden@ucollege.edu
Jackie Halley Picture of Jackie Halley Nursing Instructor Health Complex 2234 jahalley@ucollege.edu
Charlotte Schober Picture of Charlotte Schnober Associate Professor of Nursing Health Complex 418 2347 chschobe@ucollege.edu
Kelly Boyd Picture of Kelly Boyd Assistant Professor Health Complex 421 2340 keboyd@ucollege.edu
Theresa Stimson Picture of Theresa Stimson Chair of the Division of Nursing, Nursing Program Director, Associate Professor of Nursing Health Complex 415 2351 thstimso@ucollege.edu
Ellen Rose Picture of Ellen Rose Nursing Instructor Health Complex 425 2395 elrose@ucollege.edu
Krystal Todd Nursing Clinical Instructor Health Complex 412 2396 krtodd@ucollege.edu
Nicole Orian Picture of Nicole Orian Assistant Director, Associate Professor of Nursing, Chair, Admissions and Academic Evaluation Committee (AAEC) Health Complex 411 2393 niorian@ucollege.edu
Laura Karges Picture of Laura Karges Associate Professor of Nursing Health Complex 420 2349 lakarges@ucollege.edu
Angela Heam Picture of Angela Heam Program Development and Enrollment Counselor Health Complex 427 2674 anheam@ucollege.edu
Sarah Fredregill Office Coordinator-Nursing Health Complex 427 402.486.2524 safredre@ucollege.edu
Elysia Ockenga Picture of Elysia Ockenga Nursing Adjunct Health Complex 412 2358 elockeng@ucollege.edu
Kristine Follett Picture of Kristine Follett Assistant Professor of Nursing Health Complex 414 2357 krfollet@ucollege.edu
Valeree Krueger Picture of Valeree Krueger Adjunct Instructor of Nursing Health Complex 417 2346 vakruege@ucollege.edu
Amy Golter A photo of Amy Golter Associate Professor of Nursing Health Complex 422 2331 ambollin@ucollege.edu