Physician Assistant Program prerequisites

Prerequisite Requirements: 

 General Biology with labs

8 semester hours

 Microbiology with lab

4 semester hours

 Upper Division *Mammalian (or Human) Physiology**  with lab

4 semester hours

 General Chemistry with labs

8 semester hours

 Organic Chemistry with labs

8 semester hours

 Upper Division Biochemistry 

3-4 semester hours

 Medical Terminology

1 semester hour

 Elementary Statistics and Probability

3 semester hours

 Introduction to Psychology

3 semester hours

 Developmental Psychology (Lifespan)

3 semester hour

 Upper Division Abnormal Psychology

3 semester hours

Evidence of current CPR certification at the time of acceptance is also required. We suggest the American Heart Association Health Care Provider certification.


When choosing prereq classes for the PA Program, please keep in mind that it is very competitive getting into our program. You will want to choose the type of classes a premed student would be taking, rather than introductory or nursing-type classes. Although some classes may transfer in from accredited community colleges, work done at four-year colleges and universities is seen as more rigorous.

Science classes should be taken in person, along with the accompanying labs. DO NOT TAKE ONLINE SCIENCE CLASSES.

Generally, science courses should be completed within seven years prior to admission to the Physician Assistant Program.

*Upper division denotes classes in the 300-400 (or 3000-4000) level, geared towards college juniors and seniors.  They are not found at community colleges.

**If you you have taken a set of lower division Human Anatomy & Physiology courses rather than one course matching our upper division prereq, we suggest that you also submit one of these upper division classes taken from a four-year school: Cell Biology, Developmental Biology, Immunology, Endocrinology, Genetics, Physiology, or Molecular Biology.