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This video, created in 2010, explains the benefits of the Education Program at Union College. While clothing styles and expectations for video resolution have changed since this production, the caring teachers in the Education Program continue to train the next generation of caring teachers for service in any setting.

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Want to learn how to teach?

Learn how to give the gift of knowledge to others. Come to Union College, where teachers have been taught since 1891.

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Why Union?

Preparation for national certification, caring staff, and faculty and easy access to a multi-grade lab school are only a few reasons to attend Union's education program. For more reasons, read on.

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The Union College Education program is accredited by several different organizations, and meets state, national, and church requirements for excellence, allowing its graduates to be certified on a national level.

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George Stone Elementary

On the Union College campus sits a small elementary school that contains two multi-grade classrooms. This creates the perfect environment for student teachers to learn how to teach many age levels at the same time.

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The Union College teacher preparation program seeks to prepare developers of human potential who demonstrate academic excellence, healthful living, professional practice, spiritual and social caring in their own lives, and who are committed to fostering such growth in the lives of their students.

This is accomplished through general education courses which provide a solid foundation in liberal arts; specialized courses that provide an understanding of knowledge and structure in the academic disciplines; health and physical education courses that encourage healthful living; and Bible courses that foster spiritual growth, teach the value of every individual and promote commitment to service.