Majors and Minors

Refer to the Academic Bulletin for specific courses and descriptions.


Psychology (B.S.)

  • Degree Completion Guide

Social Work:

Social Work (B.S.W.)

  • Degree Completion Guide


Elementary Education (B.S.)

  • Degree Completion Guide

Secondary Education (B.S.)

Art Education K-12 (B.S.)
Biology Education (B.S.)
Business Education (B.S.)
Chemistry Education (B.S.)
English Education (B.S.)
History Education (B.S.)
Language Arts Education (B.S.)
Math Education (B.S.)
Music Education

  • Instrumental K-12 (B.S.)
  • Vocal K-12 (B.S.)

Natural Science Education

Physics Education (B.S.)
Religious Education (B.S.)
Social Science Education (B.S.)