International Association of Business Communicators

Founded in 1970, The International Association of Business Communicators provides a professional network of almost 16,000 business communication professionals in over 70 countries. Our members hold positions in:

  • Public relations/Media relations
  • Corporate communications
  • Public affairs
  • Investor relations
  • Government relations
  • Marketing communication
  • Community relations
  • Writing

  • Editing
  • Training
  • Advertising
  • Video production
  • Graphic design
  • Human resources
  • Teaching

The Union College student chapter of IABC was started in the fall of 2008 and is affiliated with the Lincoln chapter. The group currently consists of twenty members, four of which serve as officers and one faculty advisor.

The IABC organization is an excellent opportunity for communication and marketing students to gain exposure to the professional world, network with individuals in the community, and strengthen their résumé.

Mentorship Program

Members of the IABC/Union College chapter have the opportunity to participate in a mentorship program where they are individually paired with a professional from the community. This program enables students to build a unique relationship with a professional who will provide them with invaluable insight into the working world.

In order to gain acceptance the mentorship program, students must submit an application and complete an interview with the faculty advisor. Upon acceptance, members are required to meet with their mentor at least twice per semester in order to maintain membership in the program.


If you are interested in becoming a member of IABC/Union College, please contact Kati Britton at: chnichol [at] ucollege [dot] edu


Kay McCarthy, President

Bo Seltman, VP of Professional Development

Kati Britton, Student Membership Chair

Alyssa Gleason, Secretary/Treasurer

Michelle Velazquez Mesnard, Faculty Advisor