Division of Nursing (402.486.2524)

Name Title Locationsort descending Extension Email
Theresa Stimson Picture of Theresa Stimson Chair of the Division of Nursing, Nursing Program Director, Associate Professor of Nursing Health Complex 415 2351 thstimso@ucollege.edu
Ellen Rose Picture of Ellen Rose Nursing Instructor Health Complex 425 2395 elrose@ucollege.edu
Krystal Todd Nursing Clinical Instructor Health Complex 412 2396 krtodd@ucollege.edu
Charlotte Schober Picture of Charlotte Schnober Associate Professor of Nursing Health Complex 418 2347 chschobe@ucollege.edu
Kelly Boyd Picture of Kelly Boyd Assistant Professor Health Complex 421 2340 keboyd@ucollege.edu
Laura Karges Picture of Laura Karges Associate Professor of Nursing Health Complex 420 2349 lakarges@ucollege.edu
Angela Heam Picture of Angela Heam Program Development and Enrollment Counselor Health Complex 427 2674 anheam@ucollege.edu
Sarah Fredregill Office Coordinator-Nursing Health Complex 427 402.486.2524 safredre@ucollege.edu
Nicole Orian Picture of Nicole Orian Assistant Director, Associate Professor of Nursing, Chair, Admissions and Academic Evaluation Committee (AAEC) Health Complex 411 2393 niorian@ucollege.edu
Kristine Follett Picture of Kristine Follett Assistant Professor of Nursing Health Complex 414 2357 krfollet@ucollege.edu
Valeree Krueger Picture of Valeree Krueger Adjunct Instructor of Nursing Health Complex 417 2346 vakruege@ucollege.edu
Amy Golter A photo of Amy Golter Associate Professor of Nursing Health Complex 422 2331 ambollin@ucollege.edu
Elysia Ockenga Picture of Elysia Ockenga Nursing Adjunct Health Complex 412 2358 elockeng@ucollege.edu
Ruth Mendenhall Picture of Ruth Mendenhall Associate Professor of Nursing Health Complex 419 2341 rumenden@ucollege.edu
Jackie Halley Picture of Jackie Halley Nursing Instructor Health Complex 2234 jahalley@ucollege.edu
Debbie Eno Picture of Debbie Eno Associate Professor of Nursing Health Complex 416 2342 deeno@ucollege.edu
Tracy Hagele Picture of Tracy Hagele Nursing Simulation Center Coordinator Love Building: Nursing annex LN-131 2232 trhagele@ucollege.edu