God Bless Those Who Give

by Lindsay Kramer

God Bless Those Who Give

I always hate this time of year. This is when things get really tough. Christmas time is always difficult with no money for my two kids and I, and this year, we’re living out of my car. It’s hard enough trying to keep them warm and to put food in their bellies, but it’s awfully cold out and now I’m starting to feel sick. Just one more thing I don’t have the time and energy to deal with. I guess I must have been looking pretty bad because my friends began pushing for me to see a doctor. I told them there was no way I could afford that now, but they pointed me in the direction of a new, all free, walk in medical clinic.

They were so amazing! There were so many people willing to help me out in ways even beyond my medical needs. They figured I could have pneumonia, so they began treating me that day, and put my kids and I up in a room at a shelter to allow me to stay warm and sleep until I was feeling better. Wow! I haven’t slept in a warm bed in such a long time…I almost forgot how nice it was. Apparently my temperature had spiked the next day though, so they just sent me to the hospital.

When I was released, I returned to the free clinic for my follow up. These people were so great. To see that many people volunteer their time and services like that to help those of us who had thought we didn’t even have a prayer left was so unbelievably inspiring. They helped my family and I get set up with the application process to stay at the shelter for a while; you know, until I can get us back on our feet again. I guess I just never realized there were options like that out there for us, or people to help us get there. It almost seems as if my getting sick this Christmas season was a blessing in disguise! It could never have happened if it weren’t for the people who dedicated themselves and time to giving back the community in need. God bless them all.