PANCE 5-Year Performance Results

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Union College values the physician assistant certification process established by the National Commission on the Certification of Physician Assistants (NCCPA). However, we recognize that the PA National Certification Examination (PANCE) primarily demonstrates an individual's test-taking skills. We further believe that the PANCE, while vital, is not a fully adequate measure of a PA's ability to provide high quality and compassionate health care to patients.

Union College is committed to the goal of 100 percent first-time pass rates for all PA graduates; however, we may accept a student to the PA Program who may face academic challenges but also demonstrates the high potential of being an excellent clinician, typically based on maturity, life experience, and an overt commitment to health care.

While the PANCE scores are important to the evaluation of students and our program curriculum, we also provide the following comments from program surveys, which we believe provides a more complete picture of our program and graduates.

Comments from Preceptors - Class of 2015

  • She is a team player; she always takes the lead and goes beyond with the patient and with duties of the clinic. She will make an outstanding PA and one we would be proud to work with. We feel fortunate to have her at the clinic.


  • She performed exceptionally this rotation. What impressed me the most was her intensity that she brings to everything she does. This student’s effort is stunning and she is an incredible leader. The best compliment I can pay this student is that I would want her for my own PA because I know she wouldn’t miss a thing.

  • She has been excellent to work with during rotation. Staff and patients have enjoyed interacting with her and she enjoys educating and listening to patients. She has taken an active interest in our patients and has a pleasant, holistic approach in her gathering of information, treatment planning and providing guidance to patients. I have enjoyed having her on this rotation and give her a strong recommendation.

  • This student is extremely thorough in history taking and physical examination, communicates well with physicians and midlevel providers while providing concise information, has an excellent fund of knowledge, and is very motivated to be involved in procedures and learning experiences.

  • He is confident and outgoing…very professional with patients. He has a good grasp on material and medical knowledge base is very good.

  • She has strong medical knowledge and is a very good student. She is always eager to learn, wants to become better, takes initiative, and never has to be asked to see patients. She has an excellent rapport with patients and staff. She will keep improving and will be a great PA!

  • He has done an outstanding job as a student. He very quickly got into the flow of the clinic. He has a very strong desire to learn as much as possible. He gained significantly in his ability to make diagnoses and present his findings. He had tremendous improvement in OR. He has all signs of someone who is going to be a tremendous PA. I am actually glad to see him going because he is starting to get better at my job than I am. Actually, he was a delight to have as a student and is an excellent ambassador for Union College.

  • Amazingly professional given her level of experience. Very well read and read up on all things discussed. Is a great PA and will be an asset to any clinic. Strongly recommend.

  • She is one of the best PA students that I have had in a long time. She will be a fantastic hire!

  • She has a great wealth of knowledge and experience. She takes initiative to see any patients or perform procedures. She has the ability to relate to many patients in a short period of time especially with women’s health issues, HRT, depression/anxiety, etc. I think she will do amazing things in her career as a PA!

  • This student was truly a joy to have as a part of the team. She integrated well within the staff and was able to gain the respect of patients, ancillary, and physician staff quickly. As the rotation progressed she was able to understand the processes involved and was exceptional at the technology aspects of patient care. This was one of the stronger students we have worked with in quite some time. I am sure she will do well in whatever aspect of medicine she decides to pursue.

"What are the  strengths of the PA Program at Union College?"

(responses at graduation, Class of 2014)

  • "It prepares us for life after graduation."
  • "Faculty are very caring and always there to help."
  • "I love how small the class sizes are and how approachable the faculty are. They really care about you as a person."
  • "Small class size, Christian atmosphere, supportive and hardworking faculty"
  • "Lower student to faculty ratio means teachers have time to meet with you and actually care about your progress."
  • "Awesome faculty who care and are encouraging!"
  • "Constantly seeking to better the program, personalized help & support, Christian-value centered education"
  • "The new building and facilities will be a great asset."

"What do you consider to be the greatest strength of the Union College PA Program?"

(responses six months after graduation, Class of 2013)

  • "Small class size, I think Lincoln is a great city for PA school. Everything is in close     proximity."
  • "Community, small class size, caring staff, new beautiful building"
  • "Christian atmosphere, teaching and preparing for rotations, covering all aspects of the PA from dx, tx, coding, dictating, bedside manner."
  • "Close relation between students and faculty, didactic classes and rotations"
  • "Flexibility for allowing different rotation locations, especially if you're an out of state student, and of course excellent staff & teachers who genuinely care for your success”
  • "Family oriented feel"
  • "The length of the program with breaks to allow retention of the information is definitely a benefit in comparison with other programs."
  • "The clinical medicine class and wide variety of clinical rotations are two of the greatest strengths."
  • "I am happy with my education and feel I was prepared for my job overall."