Meet the PA Faculty

Location: Don Love Building South
Office Phone: 402.486.2527
Office Fax: 402.486.2559
Office Email: paprog [at] ucollege [dot] edu

If you are a prospective student, you may email us with questions or a request for information; if you are a current student or alumni, please keep us updated with your current contact information by emailing us to the email address listed above.

Thank you!

Physician Assistant Studies Program (402.486.2527)

Namesort descending Title Location Extension Email
Clifford Korf Picture of Cliff Korf PA Program Director of Outreach Love Building: PA/IRR wing 2345
Dwain Leonhardt Picture of Dwain Leonhardt Medical Director, Professor of Physician Assistant Studies Love Building: PA/IRR wing 2344
Frankie Rose Photo of Frankie Rose Assistant Professor of Biology, PA Program Research Director Jorgensen Hall 321 2364
Jan Lemon PA Program Admissions Coordinator and Office Manager Love Building: PA/IRR wing 2350
Jodi Chewakin Picture of Jodi Chewakin PA Program Director Love Building: PA/IRR wing 2527
Manuela Coppock Picture of Manuela Coppock Physician Assistant Office Coordinator Love Building: PA/IRR wing 402.486.2527
Megan Heidtbrink Picture of Megan Heidtbrink Physician Assistant Clinical Director Love Building: PA/IRR wing 402.486.2527
Michelle Buller Picture of Michelle Buller PA Studies Academic Director, PA Assistant Professor Love Building: PA/IRR wing 2348
Stacy Flores Picture of Stacy Flores PA Program Clinical Director Assistant Love Building: PA/IRR wing 2378
Terri Bartzatt Picture of Terri Bartzatt PA Data Manager Love Building: PA/IRR wing 2353