International Financial Information (2014-2015)

Tuition and Scholarships

The tuition, room and books are the same for domestic and international students. Check out the full cost here.

If the costs are intimidating, don't get discouraged! Nearly every student attending Union is eligible for some type of scholarship, matching grant or financial assistant.  Bottom line?  Union is possible. Here's how:

  • Union's academic achievement scholarships
  • Student summer and school-year work earnings
  • Student and family savings and resources
  • Other scholarships and assistance
  • Union's matching grants

Discounts and Educational Subsidy

Baccalaureate Bonus
Union College offers half-tuition rates to graduates from accredited colleges or universities who wish to obtain a second degree or take additional undergraduate classes. (See bulletin for details.)

Merit and Matching Scholarships
Union offers merit and matching scholarships throughout undergraduate studies. Eligibility for full Union College awards and grants requires enrollment for 12 or more hours in university-level classes at Union. 

Merit Awards for First-time Freshmen

Scores First Year* 9-Semester Total
U.S. GPA equivalent 3.5+ $11,000 $30,250
U.S. GPA equivalent 3.25+ $9,000 $24,750
U.S. GPA equivalent 3.0+ $7,000 $19,250

* Renewable at 50 percent per year, applied per semester for up to seven semesters as long as the student maintains a cumulative GPA of 2.0+ and is enrolled in at least 12 credit hours at Union College. Students eligible for a donor scholarship must complete the donor scholarship process to receive the full merit award.

Merit Awards for Transfer Students

GPA First Year* 7-Semester Total
Cumulative U.S. GPA 3.5+ $5,000 $17,500
Cumulative U.S. GPA 3.25-3.49 $3,500 $12,250
Cumulative U.S. GPA 3.0-3.24 $2,500 $8,750

* Transfer students awards are 100% renewable per year or $2,500, $1,750, or $1,250 per semester for up to five additional semesters as long as the student maintains a cumulative GPA of 2.0+ and is enrolled in at least 12 credit hours at Union College. 

Local Church Matching Grant

Worthy students who receive money on their account directly from a local church are eligible for the church matching grant. Union will match 50 cents for each dollar sent from the church up to a maximum match of $1,750 from Union College. Members of a student's immediate family may not contribute to the fund for matching purposes. Churches within the United States must complete the church matching grant form and agree to comply with IRS regulations governing such transactions.

Denominational Matching Grant
Students whose parents work for the SDA church or an affiliate outside of the North American Division, may be eligible for a dollar-to-dollar match from Union College of the payment made by their employer, up to 25 percent of tuition. Students may choose to receive the greater amount from the denominational match or the merit award for which they qualify, but not a combination of any of those options.

Student Employment

F1 students (student visa) holding appropriate documents will be eligible for campus employment. Many campus jobs are available and pay at the federal minimum wage. Campus earnings can be applied to the student account if the student signs an Earnings Withholding Authorization form. Students incur income tax withholdings.

On-campus employment is limited to students who are enrolled in a full-time academic program at Union College (12 or more semester credits). Employment is limited to 20 hours each week while classes are in session. Full-time work (40 hours a week) may be available during vacation periods. Employment is only available until course completion. Students in Baccalaureate Bonus or Guaranteed Education programs are generally not eligible for on-campus work, except with prior authorization.

Summer Bonus
A summer bonus scholarship is paid to students who work on campus for at least 300 hours during mid-May to August 1. For more details, read the summer bonus contract (PDF). The summer bonus is credited toward the following year's tuition--one half each semester.

Earning Estimates*

School Year  
Hours/Week Semester Year  
10 $1,015 $2,030  
15 $1,523 $3,045      
20 $2,030 $4,060  
Residence Hall Students
Hours Earnings Bonus** Total
300 $2,175 $900 $3,075
350 $2,537 $1,000 $3,537
400 $2,900 $1,250 $4,150
450 $3,262 $1,500 $4,762

* Amounts may vary based on hourly pay rates but based on the minimum wage of $7.25/hour over 12 weeks per semester. Estimates do not include any cash withdrawls.
** To receive the summer bonus, cash withdrawls must be limited to 30 percent during the summer.

Affidavit of Support

The Affidavit of Support form must be completed with the information of each person that will be responsible for funding the student's expenses at Union College. Students may have multiple sponsors. The form should be accompanied by the appropriate bank statements.

International Deposit

A deposit of $5,000* (U.S. funds) is to be paid after acceptance and before the I-20 form is issued. Baccalaureate Bonus students are permitted to pay a reduced deposit of $2,500* after acceptance and before the I-20 form is issued. To be eligible for this reduced Baccalaureate Bonus deposit amount, Union must receive a copy of the student's official transcript showing a college degree or its equivalent has been completed. The official transcript must be evaluated and accepted by Union's Records Office.
*Of the deposit amount, $1,000 will be held in reserve until the student graduates or leaves Union College and the remaining deposit will go toward the first semester tuition. The $1,000 will be refunded if the account is paid in full. This reserve fund may be kept in whole or in part if the student fails to register at Union College (attending a minimum of one semester). If the student is denied a student visa, the deposit will be refunded.

Students from Canada are not required to pay the international deposit.

Registration Payment

Your payments will be evenly divided up in 10 monthly payments, the first due by Registration Day. Student labor can be used to help pay the monthly payment plan. 

Bank Draft/Wire Instructions

When wiring money to Union College for the international student deposit and/or montly payments, use the following bank wire information:

S.W.I.F.T./Chips/Fed Federal
To: US Bank
For Further Credit
To: US Bank
Lincoln, NE U.S.A.
ABA/Federal Reserve # 104000029
Quoting Reference: Union College
Account Number: 14942538172
Student Name: ___________________

Please notify Union when wiring money. Include the student's full name so the money is applied to the proper account.

Payment by Visa or MasterCard

If you wish to pay your deposit or make your payments using VISA or MasterCard please send us the following information:

Card holder's name
Expiration date
Student name
Specify if card is VISA or MasterCard