Tuition and Expenses

Estimated Expenses (2013-2014)

Tuition and Fees Per Semester Per Year  Summer
Tuition $9,775 $19,550 $375/hr
General Fee $460 $920 ---
Room Rent
(double occupancy)
$1,810 $3,620 $232/mo
Campus Dining Minimum $1,375 $2,750 ---
Total Estimated Expense
(without books or insurance)
$13,420 $26,840 ---
Books and Academic Supplies
(varies according to major)
$550 $1,100 $250
Health Insurance
Inquire $1,010 Inquire


Tuition and Fees

Tuition and General Fee
Full-time students (12-17 credits) enrolled in undergraduate level classes pay flat-rate tuition or a rate of $815 per credit below 12 and above 17 credits. A per hour audit fee of $81 is applied when available. Students enrolled in the master's-level physician assistant program pay flat-rate tuition or a rate of $874 per credit hour. General fees are assessed each semester for all students taking six or more credits. See table above.

Residence Hall Rent
Local telephone, high-speed Internet and cable TV services are included. A refundable $105 deposit is charged. Single occupancy is an additional $1,200 per year. An additional $100 per semester is charged for students in Prescott Hall. College apartments are available, on space available basis, to married students, students who are parents, or students 22 years of age or older. See table above.

Campus Dining - Residence Hall Students
The average yearly cost for women is $2,550-3,000 and $2,550-3,400 for men. Minimum charge per semester is $1,375 for all students living in the dorms. Learn more about meal plan choices here.

Books & Academic Supplies
The estimated cost for books and academic supplies per semester is $550. The cost of additional supplies that may be required for classes such as art, music, nursing, engineering and physical education is not included in this estimate plan.

International Rescue and Relief Fees
International Rescue and Relief has an additional general program fee of $335 per semester beginning with first semester of sophomore year, excluding semester abroad.
SEMESTER ABROAD: In addition to regular tuition charges, the program fee for the semester abroad is $6,100 (includes lodging and food).
COLORADO: Tuition for the Colorado trip is $4,075, plus a $1,135 program fee.

Physician Assistant and Nursing Fees
Physician Assistant has an additional fee of $1,035 per semester/summer term. Nursing fee is $700 per semester/summer term. A nursing confirmation fee of $250 is charged to new and current students entering the program, and $125 is refunded after the last date to drop/add classes. 

Health Insurance
Health insurance is required for all full-time students (students registered for 12 or more credits). Evidence of coverage is required at registration. Health plans may also be purchased through Union at an estimated $1,010 for a year of coverage (August to August).

Music Lessons
13 half-hour lessons are $350 per semester.

Teaching Learning Center (TLC)
A variety of services are available. Typical costs are $700 per semester.

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