Foresight Members

"The past was built with vision; build the future with ForeSight."

The following individuals have chosen to remember Union College in their will or trust. In addition, some have entered into deferred gift plans such as gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts or life insurance policies. On behalf of generations to come, Union College thanks those who have informed us of these future gifts and have permitted their names to appear.

Anonymous (49)
Joy Barker
Joseph Beckner
Elvin and Pat Benton
Bill Bieber
Ron and Vicki Biloff
Doug and Wilma Bing
Mardian and Joan Blair
Floyd Bresee
William and Betty Brodie
George Burg
David and Verna Burghart
James and Jodi Burrill
Shirley Burton
Gaylah Cantrell
Marlene Carleton
Dennis and Annalee Carlson
Ron Carlson
Agnes Chapman
Ellen Clark
Harold Clark 
Ethel Cole Parobek                          
Donald and Lenora Copsey
Ross and Robyn Cordova
David and Judith Csokasy
Dale and Dorothy Culbertson
Glenn Davenport
Kathy Davis
Lynn and LuAnn Davis
Flora Maye Dealy
Frank and Dolly DeHaan
Avery Dick
Don and Joyce Dick
Genevieve Dickerson
Jessie and Gloria Dorval
Laurice Durrant
Evelyn Eakes
Gordon and Blossom Engen
John Engen
Tom Evans
Wayne and Barbara Fleming
Brian and Tricia Geery
Ruth Gerst
Glen and Marybeth Gessele
George and Carol Gibson
Tom Goyne
Betty Gutknecht
Harry Haas
Norman and Alice Haas
Stan and Angie Hardt
Jack and Edna Harris
Erna Hauck
Danny and Carol Heath
G Hemphill
Charles Henkelmann
Leo and Claudine Herber
Raymond and Marilyn Herber
June Herr
Ruth-Ann Hieb
HH Hill
Ward and Eloise Hill
Jim and Roxy Hoehn
Duane and Kathy Huey

Arthur Huff
Margaret Hyde
Mike and Terri Ingram
Dean and Trudy Johnson
Nancy Kerbs
Dan and Lisa Klein
Paul Kobayashi
Don and Wanda Krein
Richard and Lorraine Lane
Jerome and Ramona Lang
Jay and Karen Lewis
Violet Lewis
Dale Marcotte
Dwight Mayberry
Melodie Mayberry-Stewart
Jeanne Mazat
Evert and Carmen McDowell
Lyndon and Mary Louise McDowell
John and Marilyn McIntosh
Todd and Janya Mekelburg
Burdette Millard
Lorraine Miller
Iona Morgan-Lewis
Dora Nallick
Ralph and Bea Neall
Christine Nesmith
Jack and Lois Northcutt
Merlene Ogden
Elizabeth Olson
Eunice Owen
Nick and Claudia Parks
Louesa Peters
Crawford and Gloria Pierce
Barbara Pogue
Lola Pogue
Ira Pound
Jane Rannow
Darlene Reile
Rich and Lynnet Reiner
Helen Renk
Virginia Reynolds
Evelyn Rice
Neil Rowland
John and Carol Jean Ruffcorn
Paul and June Sanchez
Jessica Saxton
Joseph and Barbara Schnell
Edwin and Lavon Shafer
Tim Simon
Jerome and Jane Thayer
Kent and Sara Thompson
Joel and Peggy Tompkins
Roxanne Truax-Cummings
Margaret Turner
John and Lilya Wagner
Todd and JanaLee Wagner
Greg and Peggy Wahlen 
Phyllis Weygandt
David and Linda White
Virginia Widicker
Richard and Naomi Wilmot
Lottie Ziprick