You have the opportunity to help your student make it through finals week by purchasing a LifeSavor for $10 (each). This care package will be prepared by the Student Alumni Association (SAA) and is filled with mostly healthy (and a few not-so-healthy) snacks and other fun surprises.

Just when it seems like the semester will never end and final exams loom ominously before them . . . they get a LifeSavor.

Picture the smile on your student's face. You know the smile - the one that lights up his or her whole face. That's the smile we are blessed enough to see when a student receives a LifeSavor.

LifeSavors are delivered the week before finals in December and April. The order deadline is two weeks before finals. Union College calendar.

If you have questions, please contact us at alumni [at] or phone 402.486.2503.