Student Ambassadors

Photo of the student ambassadors.

Ambassadors have an essential role at Union. From giving campus tours, to connecting students, to helping our five Preview Day weekends run smoothly, our ambassadors are a critical part of our Enrollment team. Their friendliness, leadership and energy make Preview Days a blast. Plus they get free food and activities while hanging out with the Preview Day students.

Applications to be a Fall 2014 ambassador open now! Click here to apply.

  • Applications for Fall 2014 semester ambassadors will be accepted starting April 9. 
  • Group interviews will be during May finals (pick one group interview)
  • Must have copy of second semester class schedule at group interview.
  • Criteria: Must be a full time student at Union College, 2.5+ GPA, in good standing with the deans, have been enrolled at Union for at least one semester and be passionate about sharing your experience at Union College.


2013-2014 ambassadors

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