Questions to Ask Your Academic Advisor

Since your academic advisor will be one of your most important guides in college, the first impression you make matters.  It is crucial for you to be prepared for your first meeting with your advisor.  Maybe you’re not sure what questions to ask or what information you should share about yourself.  We have created a document to help you navigate this initial encounter so it will be beneficial to both you and your advisor.

This document includes questions for you to ask your advisor and also information for you to fill in about yourself which will help your advisor better understand you and your academic needs.  If you have time before your first meeting, read over these questions and answer numbers 1, 2, 10, 11 and 12. You may not get to all the questions during your first meeting, and that’s okay.  If you think you know the answers to some of the questions already, check with your advisor to make sure you understand them correctly and then move on to the next question.  Your advisor may also want a copy of this document, so be prepared to share.

You should plan to connect with your advisor at least two times each semester. Your advisor is someone you can count on, so it is vital for you to take the time to build this relationship.  Listen to your advisor.  If you do not agree with their views, you have the right to question, respond, review and respectfully disagree. Once you have met with your advisor a few times, you will know if you and your advisor are a good match.  If you feel you are not connecting with your advisor, it is appropriate to switch advisors.  After all, the college bulletin states that you and only you are responsible for your college experience.  Faculty, staff, and advisors are here as your guides, but this is your college experience.


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