Union College Drama

Fifty Years Later

Fifty Years Later will begin performances this coming March. Union College students under the direction of Mark Robison, professor of English and drama, will put on a six-performance run of the play. 

The inspirational performance portrays stories and music of the brave people who lived through the civil rights movement. Fifty Years Later brings to life the boycotts, protests, and marches we've been told about. Exploring far beyond the well-known events, actors will provide fresh understanding of emotionally gripping stories that took place fifty years ago. 

"I am most looking forward to learning with my students about the lives and actions of courageous people in the civil rights movement," says director and co-producer Mark Robison. 

This brilliantly touching production will be performed in Union College's Woods Auditorium, located on the north side of campus attached to the Don Love Building. 

"I am looking forward to seeing the community and having a learning experience," says Micah Robison, a student involved in the play. "Looking at the different perspectives from those who have been influenced by the events and from those who don't know much about it." 

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