Biography of Benjamin Tyner

Full Title: Assistant Professor of History
Building: Dick Building
Room Number: 408-B
Email: betyner [at] ucollege [dot] edu
Work Phone: 2324
Departments: Division of Humanities - 402.486.2523
Job Description:

Glyphie (right) assists me in the following survey classes:

  • West and the World, part 1 (to 1500)
  • West and the World, part 2 (1500 to present)
  • Arts and Ideas
  • Intro to Philosophy

As well as upper division history courses including:

  • Ancient Civilizations
  • Classical Civilizations
  • Medieval Civilizations
  • Early Modern Civilizations 
  • Modern Europe
Academic Background

My research interests tend to be broad as a reflection of my teaching duties. However, my dissertation is focused on French Imperialism and Religion during the Second Empire (1851-1870) in the Middle East and Asia. I am ABD at the Graduate Center, City University of New York, where I received my en-route Masters Degree in European history. My major field of focus is 19th century France (and modern Europe generally) and my minor field is late medieval Europe. I passed my oral exams in both of these general fields and passed with distinction in December 2008. In December 2009 my dissertation proposal was approved by my committee without revision and I am currently in the process of writing it, provisionally titled: "A Distant Conquest of Souls: The Use of Martyrs in Second Empire France, 1852-1871." 

Campus & Community Involvement:

Project Impact two-time veteran and hope to be involved in many more!

You may have occasionally (or will eventually) see me lurking near the French Club, Humanities Club and Amnesty International (Union Chapter) and future clubs-to-be-determined. I can also regularly be found avoiding cooking and driving at the best college cafeteria I've ever eaten at (Union Market, of course). It's rumored that I may make a couple of appearances on various embarassingly bad faculty/staff teams (Volleyball? Basketball?).

I like to run, play sports (especially basketball), watch good film, pointlessly philosophize, wander, harangue, become impassioned and then lull into near vegetation upon exhaustion. Bowling with little skill on Fridays with fellow Union employees is exquisite. I also enjoy losing in golf to Rich Carlson and Chris Blake, hey, I've even lost to one of my students (I'm looking at you Matt Daarud).

And sometimes I just wander around looking confused (I'm trying to finish my dissertation in the next year so I avoid sleep as much as possible). 

Professional Background:

Recent Teaching Experience

Picture taken at Holmes Lake - Me and Gabe by Jenny Tyner

Jan. 2010 – June 2010
Asheville, NC
Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College
Adjunct Professor
July 2008 - Dec. 2009
Brooklyn, NY
Brooklyn College
Adjunct Professor
Aug. 2009 - Dec. 2009
Brooklyn, NY
Brooklyn College Academy
Adjunct Professor
June 2008 – Fall 2008
New York, NY
Baruch College
Adjunct Professor
March 2008
New York, NY
Hunter College
Guest Lecturer
Aug. 2007 – May 2008
Bronx, NY
Lehman College
Adjunct Professor
Personal Information:

Jenny and I have been happily married since June 2003, and have a 5.5 year old son, Gabe, and a daughter on the way this fall.