Biography of Sabrina Riley

Photo of Sabrina Riley
Full Title: Library Director, Associate Professor of Library Science
Building: Love Building: Library
Room Number: 218
Email: sariley [at]
Work Phone: 2154
Fax: 402.486.2678
Departments: Library - 402.486.2514
Academic Background

Master of Information and Library Science, University of Michigan.

Bachelor of Arts (Major: History), Andrews University.

Campus & Community Involvement:

Association of Seventh-day Adventist Librarians, President 2007-2008; Conference Chair 2006-2007; On-site Coordinator 2003-2004

Program Co-chair, Sirsi Midwest Users Group Steering Committee, 2005-2007

Served as a judge for the Michigan Library Association’s Marketing & Public Relations Roundtable’s “Best of Show” competition, October 2001.

Participated in the Michigan Colleges Foundation’s Information Literacy online tutorial creation as a secondary developer, Summer 2000.

Professional Background:

Library Director, Union College since 2003. 

Instruction Librarian, Andrews University 1998-2003.


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