Biography of Taleah Vall├ęs-Peters

Photo of Taleah Valles-Peters
Full Title: Enrollment Coordinator
Building: Dick Building
Email: tavalles [at] ucollege [dot] edu
Work Phone: 402.486.2693
Personal Phone: 402.617.4483
Departments: Enrollment and Student Financial Services - 402.486.2505
Job Description:

 To recruit students from California, Colorado and the Southern States. To explain the benefits of higher education and the opportunities it will grant you. Also, to connect with teachers, parents, and pastors that influence young people to pursue higher education.

Academic Background

 Bachelors of Arts: Communication: Public Relations and Spanish

Campus & Community Involvement:

 Junior Class Sabbath School Leader, Piedmont Park Church


 "Makeup Meltdown" Guide Magazine (September, 2011)