Biography of Verna Blankenship

Picture of Verna Blankenship
Full Title: Business and Computer Science Project Manager
Building: Dick Building
Room Number: 301-H
Email: veblanke [at] ucollege [dot] edu
Work Phone: 402.486.2521
Departments: Division of Business and Computer Science - 402.486.2521
Job Description:

The Project Manager oversees and manages students with the following responsibilities:  Office Assistant, Public Relations Director, Event Coordinator, Mentorship Assistant Coordinator and Ambassador, in addition to other duties and random projects that occur in the Division of Business and Computer Science.

Professional Background:

After graduating from Southern Adventist University with an A.S. in Office Administration, I was Administrative Assistant to three conference presidents, a ministerial director, a trust director, and the principal of a boarding academy.  With this varied experience, I enjoy working with college students and faculty in the Division of Business and Computer Science.

Personal Information:

Our family camped and canoed in the Northwest for years, and we now are discovering new favorite spots in the Midwest.  While I enjoy reading, loading the dishwasher, making cookies and a little quilting, my favorite hobby is playing the piano.


We have two grown daughters who both presently live in Lincoln.

Tiffany, 26, is married to Ronald. She has taught grades 1 and 2, but now she is preparing to be a mother of our first grandchild.

Brittany, 24, is office manager for the TLC here at Union College and working on a master's at UNL.


Peter is Dining Services Director of Union Market and a great cook.  He enjoys ice carving, food garnishing, woodworking and telling stories.  Ask him about Chief Kayu.