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 Jacque Smith, Director of Public Relations

Nov. 4, 2004

Tamburitzans of Duquesne University perform at Union College

Tamburitzans will perform at Union on Nov. 21

LINCOLN— The internationally famous Duquesne University Tamburitzans from Pittsburgh, Penn. will perform in concert at the Union College gymnasium on Sunday, Nov. 21, 8 p.m.
        For 65 years the Tamburitzans has presented one of the longest running live stage shows throughout the United States and Canada, and has also achieved international acclaim in countries from South America to Europe. The event at Union College will be the only 2004-2005 season performance in Nebraska.
        In a two-part presentation, 40 student performers capture the indomitable spirit of Eastern Europe and neighboring cultures. Language (a dozen or more are used) is no barrier, as these emotions strike a universal chord: joy at a wedding, sorrow over lost love, pride in plentiful harvest. Through music and movement, the Tamburitzans portray the human experience with passion and believability.
It’s easy to be enthralled with this exciting show, which uses more than 500 costumes. These works of art are as diverse as the countries, regions, and nationalities which they represent. Rich textiles, magnificent embroideries, intricate lacework adorn the performers as they shuttle through cityscape and countryside, bringing to American theatre the magic of places which most people have only read about in a textbook, or heard mentioned in stories and memories of the “Old Country.”
        The name Tamburitzans comes from the stringed instruments which the Duquesne University group plays. While ensemble members receive scholarship aid for their participation in the group, they may study in any discipline offered at Duquesne. Throughout the year, the Tamburitzans travel by bus across the United States presenting their show on weekends and semester breaks, captivating audiences with their special brand of entertainment.
        This season’s production includes “Shinitsi” (Barrel Dance) of Bulgaria, “Minka” of Ukraine, and from Greece, “Ta chromata tis Elladas” (The Colors of Greece). The 35-member ensemble is led by Paul G. Stafura, managing director, and Dimitar Manov, director for dance.
        Ticket information is available at Union College Student Services. Ticket rates: Premier seating $10, general admission $8, students and senior citizens $5, family rate $15. For information, call 402.486.2973.