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 Jacque Smith, Director of Public Relations

Nov. 9, 2004

Tom Osborne speaks at Union

Congressman Tom Osborne at Union College

LINCOLN—More than 600 visitors, students, staff and faculty of Union came to College View Seventh-day Adventist Church to hear former University of Nebraska football coach Tom Osborne speak for chapel, Tuesday, Nov. 9. During his 25-year career as the Huskers head coach, Osborne led the team to three national championships. After retiring from football in 1997, Osborne was elected to United States Congress in 2000, and on Nov. 2, he was elected to his third term in office.
        Osborne spoke about blending spiritual convictions into a secular world by using scripture and athletic metaphors. “Keeping your eyes fixed on Jesus is the most important thing,” Osborne said. “In athletics, where your eyes are focused is the whole deal.”
        In a television news interview after the program, Osborne talked about how religion played a part in the recent election. “I don’t think anyone should impose their beliefs on anybody else,” Osborne said, “but I have found a very strong spiritual presence on Capitol Hill.”
        Mindy Mekelburg, a junior communication major who attended the event, said she believes that values and politics should mix. “I think it’s really encouraging as a leader for Nebraska and for our nation that he [Osborne] is focused on God and that he is directed by Him,” Mekelburg said.