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Jacque Smith, Director of Public Relations

Sept. 28, 2005

POP! Go the Classics starring Mac Frampton and the ThreePenny Symphony

LINCOLN— Pop! Go The Classics, with celebrated pianist and arranger Mac Frampton accompanied by the ThreePenny Symphony, will perform in Union College’s gymnasium at 8:30 p.m. on Oct. 8. Frampton combines his knowledge of pop and jazz with classical works to create a unique and fresh experience.
        Music for this performance includes, “Jesus Joy of Man’s Desiring/Classical Gas,” “Air On A G String,” “Prelude in C# Minor,” and “The Nutcracker Suite.”
        Frampton has been a concert pianist for 31 years and has recorded more than 20 albums.
        Admission is $8 per person or $15 per family. For ticketing information contact Judy Joiner at 402.486.2507.