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 Jacque Smith, Director of Public Relations

May 8, 2006

Walking for children:
the Global Night Commute

Students walked to the city center to spend the night and bring attention to human rights in Uganda.

Students gathered near the state capital to bring awareness to Uganda.        Lincoln—On April 29, 100 students and staff from Union College and College View Academy joined 650 Lincoln participants who walked to the Nebraska capitol building and slept the night on the lawn to raise awareness for children half a world away.
        The Global Night Commute was created to draw attention to the thousands of children in Uganda who have been abducted and forced to participate in the Lord’s Resistance Army, a rebel army known for mutilating and murdering civilians. Most of the children are from 8-14 years old. More than 300,000 children have been taken by the rebels, according to Invisible Children, a foundation created to change the plight of these children.
        “I feel every step I take is helping those children,” said Jessica Dorval, president of the Union College Peace and Social Justice Club. “It’s a simple way for students to reach out in a humanitarian way. And that’s what Christianity’s all about.”
        “People were writing letters to senators, so it wasn’t just a big camp out,” said Walter Anderson, senior health science major who participated. “We made it known that the senators have our support if they can do anything to help the situation.”
        Invisible Children is a non-profit organization working toward peaceful government involvement. According to Katie Bradel, an employee of Invisible Children for the last two years, “A lot of senators are sympathetic, but don’t think enough Americans know or care. We’re here to say we do."
        Among those who took notice of the Lincoln demonstration were Channel 10/11 News, Lincoln Mayor Coleen Seng and Congressman Jeff Fortenberry. “It’s extraordinarily impressive that the kids from the University of Nebraska and Union College would come to give attention to children thousands of miles away,” Fortenberry said.

 Global Night Results

  • Nationwide participation: more than 70,000 people
  • Lincoln participation: 857 people
  • Lincoln’s turn out was eighth highest out of the 126 participating cities across the United States.
  • Lincoln is one of 20 cities to be featured in the updated version of the Invisible Children documentary. 
  • Of the 15 representatives organizing the Lincoln Global Night Commute, half were from Union College and included six students, one professor and one alum (currently serving as the youth pastor of Lincoln Piedmont Park Seventh-day Adventist Church).
  • For more information about the film, the Ugandan children and what’s being done, visit