Financing Your Education

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Working together

Paying for college takes teamwork. You, your family, Union College and the federal government work together to help you earn your degree. Nearly every student at Union College is eligible for some type of scholarship or financial aid. Student Financial Services is here to guide you through the process. We call it a symbiosis. (Why not? We're science-y like that.)

Contact Us

Learn how to get a hold of us or make a payment here.

Cost Calculator

Calculate an estimate of how much help you'll get from Union and the government. For a more precise number, talk to a student finance advisor.

Financial Clearance Checklist

Your step-by-step guide to getting your ducks in a row. Side-effects to following this checklist may include a stress-free registration day. Find out more


You'll get by with a little help from our friends (i.e. alumni and other donors). Scholarships are a gift to you for things we appreciate, like good grades and test scores. Find out more

Grants and Loans

Education is key to a strong economy, and the government wants to help you get your degree. Learn what grants (free money) and loans (money you will repay) are available. Find out more.

Tuition and Expenses

Union College manages to remain less expensive than most Adventist and other private colleges—even less than the out-of-state tuition at most public universities. Find out more.

Student Work

Most Union students work, whether on-campus or off. It's part of your fully integrated education, but it's also about money.


Deadlines are a fact of life; these are important ones.


A lot of helpful websites and forms await you.


We have answers. Here are some of the questions.

International Students

Most of the information above is specifically for U.S. citizens. Go here for the international student financial information.