Union Scholars Honors Program

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Why Union Scholars?

As a member of the National Collegiate Honors Council, the mission of Union Scholars is to inspire academically gifted students to excellence in learning, spirituality and service. Union Scholars will discover the sources of major global issues and explore the resources of addressing them.

Probably the biggest advantage of the Union Scholars honors program is preparation of students for graduate school. The discussion-based classes encourage critical thinking, while the honors thesis supplements your portfolio. After planning, conducting and presenting your own original research, with the help of a faculty advisor, you’ll have a tangible example of your competence to share with graduate programs and future employers. Plus, you can tailor your thesis to your field of interest so that after graduation you’ll already have experience in that area.

What is distinctive about Union Scholars?

At Union College, we believe we are all citizens of the world, and that comes with rights and responsibilities. In the honors program, you will delve into the causes behind global issues and search for ways to be a part of the solution. You’ll learn about the past and use those lessons to help shape a better future.

What are the benefits of being a scholar?

*  Reduced General Education Requirements. Compare requirements herePicture of Honors student rock climbing
*  Smaller class size with courses exclusively for Scholars
*  Unique courses that emphasize participation and creativity
*  Interdisciplinary courses that address complex issues
*  Individualized assistance with an original research project
*  Coursework abroad built into the program.
*  Textbook, Travel and Completion scholarships

What are the academic advantages of being a scholar?

Scholars program requirements are 6 semester hours less than the general education (LEAD) requirements. Additionally, Scholars find the course work to be more rewarding because they are interdisciplinary and discussion oriented.

Can I really afford to study abroad?

Yes, you can! Realizing that a world view is so important to a global understanding, one course taken abroad is built into the Union Scholars program with a travel scholarship.

Will this fit into my course of study?

The Scholars program is designed not only fit, but supplement any major. Many Scholars find the program to be more benficial because it is integrative with their studies. Curriculum guides will be coming soon to show that achieving a degree with the Scholars is possible in as little as four years. 

How much are the scholarships?

First, honors students receive a $2,000 scholarship to offset the cost of travel, food and lodging for the course taken abroad. Also, each honors student receives a $250 scholarship each year. Finally, upon completion of the honors requirements, you’ll receive another $1,000 scholarship. So don’t let the price put you off.

How do I qualify?

Union Scholars accepts up to 25 applicants each year. 

  • High school GPA of 3.5 (or 3.33 college transfer GPA) and
  • ACT score of 24 or higher (or its equivalent)
  • Service is highly prioritized in the program, and learning to serve is a major component in finding solutions to global problems. As a Union Scholar, you’ll complete ten hours of community service each semester.

Applications are reviewed and accepted at any time. Apply today!

For an in-depth study of the Union Scholars honor program, you may read the policy manual (PDF).

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