Photo of students on bridge in China.

Every college class brings value to your education, but if you like to dig deeper and stretch yourself further, then the Union Scholars honors program is for you.

Our honors students need six fewer hours in general education credit, and in exchange, students select from a variety of interdisciplinary courses that explore history, global issues and how to conduct original research.

At Union College, we believe we are all citizens of the world, and that comes with rights and responsibilities. In the honors program, you will delve into the causes behind global issues and search for ways to be a part of the solution. You’ll learn about the past and use those lessons to help shape a better future.

The Union Scholars honors program is a unique set of carefully crafted courses that replace the LEAD@Union (general education) course requirements.

So now that you’re sold on the program, the question is: How do you get in? Union Scholars accepts up to 25 applicants each year. You will need a high school GPA of at least 3.5, an ACT score of 24 or an SAT score of 1600. Simply fill out an application at here.

Service is highly prioritized in the program, and learning to serve is a major component in finding solutions to global problems. As a Union Scholar, you’ll complete ten hours of community service each semester.

Experience Scholarship

The Scholars program enhances any major and provides excellent preparation for any future career. As a Union Scholar, you will:

  • do original research
  • write and speak proficiently
  • make connections across disciplines
  • discuss societal issues with knowledge and cogency
  • connect life and learning with spiritual values
  • identify arguments, authors and perspectives in areas related to global issues
  • apply your learning in avenues of leadership and service
What our alumni are saying ...
Chris Daum
Photo of Chris Daum

2012 graduate—now enrolled in the School of Medicine at Loma Linda University

“The highlight of the Scholars program is the trip overseas. For many, it is the first real culture crossing, overseas experience. It is a wonderful introduction to the world across the oceans and gives insight into the discrepancies that still exist in the world.”

Anna Romuald
Photo of Anna Romuald

2012 graduate—now assistant pastor of Southview Adventist Church in Minneapolis, Minn.

“The Union Scholars honors program helped me to become a strategic thinker. I learned how to evaluate a program or a relationship and determine a strategic way to work with a team of people to effectively minister to the greatest need. The program helped me realize my own potential and challenged me to seek individuals with differing viewpoints, expand my perspectives and seek out mentors who could help nurture my leadership in my ministry and in my own deepening relationship with Christ.”

Katie Booton Grinberg
Photo of Katie Booton Grinberg

2012 graduate—now a private in-home caregiver

“Nursing is my career choice, but I am not ‘just a nurse.’ The Union Scholars honors program gave me the opportunity to explore all of my academic interests. As a result, the diverse learning experiences have prepared me for more education in the future.”

David Skau
Photo of David Skau

2011 graduate—working toward an MBA at Southern Adventist University

“I found the Union Scholars honors program allowed me to move my education beyond simply learning facts and information into the realm of learning analysis, presenting information and becoming a positive contributor to group learning experiences. The practice of working in groups and discussion built my confidence to become more involved in leadership on a variety of fronts.”