Residence Hall Housing

NOTE: This form is for residence hall housing only. Requests to live anywhere off campus or in college-owned apartments should be made here. You may be eligible: 1) if you live with an approved family member, 2) if you are 22 years or older, 3) if you are 21 and senior class standing (with 3.0 GPA, good citizenship and three semesters of meeting worship credit expectations), or 4) if you are married, divorced or have children. (Entire off-campus housing policy can be found here.)

Personal Information
Helps us find a roommate.
Helps us find a roommate.
When do you plan to be here?
Residence Hall Housing

Please tell us about yourself and indicate your preference for a roommate on each item below. The more information you give, the better we can assign a roommate.

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Desired Characteristics for Roommate
If you have arranged with a friend to be roommates, please give their name above. Leave blank for the deans to assign a roommate for you. If you change your mind after submitting the form, please contact the appropriate dean.

I prefer a roommate who...