Students organize memorial to victims of domestic violence

Domestic violence is a war that goes on behind closed doors and causes 2,000 to 4,000 casualties each year in the United States. The American Medical Association states that one in every three women will experience violence from a husband of boyfriend.

On Wednesday, Oct. 1, the Union College Social Work Club and the Peace and Social Justice Club will jointly host an event to honor the lives taken by domestic violence and to promote the Friendship Home's Safe Quarters drive. At 5 p.m. under the campus clock tower, the community is invited to help fill and light the 2,000 luminaries that will be visible from 3800 South 48th Street. At 7 p.m. there will be a sunset service on the Tribute Terrace outside of the Ortner Center featuring Deb Flowers, a Union College alumnus who works for Friendship Home.

October marks Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and the annual Safe Quarter drive on Oct. 5 will give the Lincoln community an opportunity to support Friendship Home, an organization which aids women and children affected by domestic violence. Teams of community volunteers are sent to districts across the city asking for donations in support of Friendship Home.

"It's a wonderful way to have 1,500 people from the community on campus,” said Sharon Russell, director of conference and guest services. "We're very proud to help sponsor the Friendship Home." Union College is also celebrating five years of hosting the Safe Quarters drive. The college donates the facility and hours of labor for the event and about 16 student teams participate during the drive.