Academic opportunity: Union Scholars

Union Scholars is an honors program where students take interactive interdisciplinary classes that focus on the theme of "Global Issues." The program replaces the 54 semester units of general education requirements with 46 semester units of Union Scholars courses from areas such as religion, humanities, and science plus a volunteer service component. In their senior year, Scholars pursue a specific area of interest through an independent study and research project called an Honors Thesis.

One of the most popular aspects of the Union Scholars program is the opporunity to take a class at a location outside of the United States.  The program planned a class that was held in Hong Kong, China and Malaysia in May 2010. In addition to the innovative curriculum, Scholars receive $4000 in scholarship money upon completion of the Scholar requirements, including $2000 for a travel scholarship for the overseas adventure.

Visit to find out the added bonuses for students who apply by August 1, get an application and learn the benefits of the program, GPA requirements and more. If you are interested in joing Union Scholars, contact the director Edward Allen by August 1. Call 800.228.4600 or e-mail edallen [at] ucollege [dot] edu.