Orientation, registration and the start of a new year

Summer is a quiet time at Union College, and each fall students rejuvenate the campus. For the last three months, syllabi have been written, dorm rooms refurbished, classrooms constructed, and in a thousand ways faculty, staff, and administrators have prepared for students to return. Welcome back, we missed you.


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Perhaps the biggest surprise for students moving in is the construction on 48th Street in front of campus. The intersection of 48th and Bancroft is closed, so those coming to campus from the north will need to turn on Calvert street then take 49th or 51st streets to access Rees Hall, or take 52nd Street and turn west on Prescott to access Culver and Prescott Halls. Coming from the south, turn on Prescott as normal to access Culver and Prescott Halls, or take Prescott to 52nd Street and turn north to access Rees Hall.

To the right is a map with the closed section of road noted in red and detours noted in green. Click on the icons to access helpful annotations.

Registration events

New Student Orientation and Registration

Monday, Aug. 16 - Sunday, Aug. 22
New Student Orientation this year lasts for a full week, and students will recieve one-hour of class credit for participating. Attendance is encouraged but not required for transfer students, but all first time freshmen must attend. Freshmen who skip sessions will be required to make them up later (and the make up work is more difficult). 

The New Student Resource Guide (PDF) and an updated schedule (PDF) are both available online. The resource guide contains information about getting started on campus, from advice on what to pack to getting connected to the Internet on campus. 

From Friday through Sunday orientation activities will be at a camp, new students should remember to bring a sleeping bag. 

Beat the rush (extra office hours)

Sunday, August 22

Admissions, Records, Student Financial Services, and the cashier’s office will be open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. to help minimize wait times and stress during registration on Monday.

Returning student registration and activities sign up

Monday, Aug. 23

Registration is primarily online, using Self-Service. Only students already accepted to Union and registered on Self-Service will be able to sign up for classes. All students should have received their login information this summer. If did not receive a password or have trouble logging in, visit the registration help desk in the atrium of the Don Love Building. Helpful hint: memorize your campus ID and password. You’ll be using it throughout the year to check your finances, grades and make any changes to your class schedule.

Once you can sign into Self-Service, go to the “Register” tab and then “Registration Guide” (or go to it directly).  Provide your Union College identification name and password to see what you need to do to complete class registration. Click on the listed items to get more information about each step. You may complete the items in any order. Many can be completed at any time, but some must be done on the day of registration.

To register for classes, go to the "Register" tab of Self-Service and put your classes in an online shopping cart. Once you have created a class schedule that works for you, submit it for your advisor’s approval. New students need to meet with their advisor before they can register for classes (find contact information for academic advisors in the personnel directory).

Your temporary ID card will work to buy food in Union Market as soon as you pick it up. However, to use it anywhere else, including the Campus Store, every step on your registration guide must be completed. When you are fully registered, it will be automatically activated. If you’re picking up books in the Campus Store and haven’t finished every step, you can use cash or credit card.

Both new and returning students will be able to sign up for clubs, intramurals and other campus activities in the Don Love building during this registration period. 

Pizza Feed

Monday, Aug. 23, 5:30 p.m.

The Alumni Association invites all students to eat free pizza.

Classes begin

Tuesday, Aug. 24