Summer Mathematics Workshops

Union College and Larry Ray, professor of mathematics, are pleased to announce a partnership with the Office of Education of the North America Division of Seventh-day Adventists (NAD) to provide summer workshops for all K-12 teachers of mathematics. These workshops utilize collaborative planning, innovative strategies, the integration of technology and introduce the Singapore Math series. They are part of the recent focus by the NAD Curriculum Committee on improving student learning in math.

Three one-week classes are offered. Two of them, both entitled “Numbers, Operations and Elementary Algebra,” will offer the same content and are targeted at first-time attendees. If any of the nearly 50 participants from last year wish to attend again, a second class entitled “Geometry and Measurement” is also being offered this summer. 

 To learn more information and how to register go to The NAD Office of Education has underwritten the cost of textbooks. Union College is charging a nominal registration fee and reasonable rates for those who desire to take the course for college credit.