News Archives 03-04

Adventist English Teachers Convention on Union College Campus (7/20/04)
Student Center Renovation at Union College (7/20/04)
Japanese Nursing Students Visit Union College (7/20/04)
Union College Administrator Appointed Examiner for National Quality Award (6/3/04)
"The Light Still Shines": Union College history captured in new book (6/2/04)
Union College awards degrees to 177 students (5/14/04)
American Heart Walk alternate day event at Union College (5/5/04)
Baskin-Robbins and First Book Union College host free scoop night (4/27/04)
Pianist and composer Richard Faith visits Union College (4/16/04)
Physician assistant students receive scholarships (4/14/04)
Nursing students join national honor society (4/14/04)
Ortner Center dedication and open house (4/2/04)
Free ethnic cooking classes taught by Union College international students (4/1/04)
Art exhibit presented in McClelland Art Gallery by Union College professor (3/25/04)
International radio ministry begins 75th anniversary celebration tour in Lincoln (3/12/04)
Master of Physician Assistant Studies (MPAS) offered at Union College (3/10/04)
Literacy program: Union launches connection with First Book (2/27/04)
Ortner Center celebration: Union opens new facility on Jan. 14 (1/19/04)
Web site makeover: Union launches new site on Jan. 13 (1/15/04)
Jill Phillips concert at Union College (1/12/04)
Cancer Research: Union College professor presents findings (11/14/03)
Dallas Brass performs at Union College (11/11/03)
International students: Union college ranks second in percentage (11/12/03)
Ring of Fire: widely acclaimed youth handbell choir in concert at Union College (9/29/03)
Chris Rice kicks off Union College Concert Series (9/16/03)
Advent Capelle performs at Union College (9/16/03)
Hundreds of Union College students and staff to impact Lincoln (8/25/03)
Union College welcomes academic dean with global perspective (8/20/03)