Human Development Curriculum

For the most current requirements, please refer to the current official college bulletin. All guides are in PDF format and require Adobe Reader. (Install Adobe Reader)


Psychology (B.S.)

Social Work

Social Work (B.S.W.)


Elementary Education (B.S.)

Secondary Education Endorsements

Art Education K-12 (B.S.)
Biology Education (B.S.)
Business Education (B.S.)
Chemistry Education (B.S.)
English Education (B.S.)
History Education (B.S.)
Information Technology Education (B.S.)
Language Arts Education (B.S.)
Math Education (B.S.)
Music Education

  • Instrumental K-12 (B.S.)
  • Vocal K-12 (B.S.)

Natural Science Education

Physics Education (B.S.)
Religious Education (B.S.)
Social Science Education (B.S.)
English as a Second Language Endorsement for Education (B.S.)