Spotlight on Krystal M.

Photo of Krystal
Denver, Colo.
Education and Social Science

Three things I'm passionate about

  • My education professors
  • Yummy croissants in Union Market
  • My peers who make up this campus

What surprised me about Union

How many trees there were on campus! I thought the Midwest was supposed to be open plains.

How I make Union my school

  • Work: I working in Rees Hall as a Resident Assistant
  • Clubs: I’m the social VP of the Education club helping to organize invents for ed major’s portfolios.
  • Service: Every year I along with the rest of the school participate in project impact. We go out into the community and volunteer in many small businesses and private residence. My first year I went to Mad Dads a program that rebuilds bicycles for impoverished children, it was super fun just cleaning and riding bikes around.
  • Leadership: Having a hall of Freshman girls gives me great opportunities to lead by example. It is my goal each year to take the time to get to know all of my girls (I call them my ducks), and help them realize there individual importance.
  • Spiritual: As an R.A. in the dorms I give weekly worships on my hall. I love bringing the girls together to bond as a community through Christ.
  • Scholastically: Education majors are required to have over 100 hours of classroom involvement. Through observing in and participating in classroom around Lincoln I am able to come into my education classes with a better understanding and fresh perspective.

How Union is preparing me for the future

Union is not only helping me with a strong foundation in the classroom, but I am also learning to become a better networker with people I may interact with in the future.

Reasons to love Lincoln

The Mill coffee shop, Forever21!!!!!! The Lincoln public Libraries, and the Nebraska capitol building.