Spotlight on Vernée

Colton, Calif.
International rescue relief, Spanish and business

Three things I'm passionate about

  • Learning
  • Traveling
  • Relationships

What surprised me about Union

How nice everybody was and the community atmosphere of the campus. Also, I love spring. I’d never experienced a true spring where the snow melts, the grass comes up and everything is happy. I was surprised that I liked the changing weather.

How I make Union my school 

I’m involved and active in events. When I’m interested in something, I share it with my friends and sometimes the whole school, such as when I organized the STOP PODO NOW campaign. Also, I like to help others explore their passions.

How Union is preparing me for the future

It’s giving me an education that’s not only unique, but compliments the skills I have and helps me discover new ones. I’ve had a lot of opportunities on- and off-campus to make connections with different businesses and build my resume, especially with student employment. Union is setting a great foundation for my career. I’m also growing spiritually in this community where it’s OK to make mistakes and find out new about things yourself.

Reasons to love Lincoln

The diverse population, the intentional community, all the jobs you can get (if you have time) and the pretty public spaces.

You should definitely take a class from

Mr. Blake, Dr. Russell and a lot of others.

My advice to new students

Just say "yes!"