Business and Computer Science

Photo of students in a business class.

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Business and Computer Science

Our mission is to prepare professionals for Christian service in the business world by providing a quality, student-oriented education that emphasizes ethics and balances practice and theory.


Mentored by Business Professionals

The Mentorship Program of the Division of Business and Computer Science matches students with community leaders willing to share their business knowledge and experience. By encouraging and supporting students, mentors empower them for the business world.


Preparing Professionals for Christian Services

Volunteering is an important part in forming professionals. Union students have the opportunity to give back to the community and put in practice their Christian values.



Why study business at Union College?

  • Nearly 90 percent placement rate for jobs, making your life easier.
  • Get real-world experience with internships that will equip you for the work place.
  • Interact closely with professors for a more personal learning experience.
  • Learn practical, hands-on business skills with cutting edge hardware and software.
  • Enjoy monthly social/professional activities with the Business and Computer Club.
  • Regularly updated curriculum, always giving you the newest information.