Physician Assistant Program Prerequisites


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Union College PA Program Prerequisites

2016 Admissions Cycle




General Biology (with labs)
Another biology course may be substituted for one semester of this requirement.
Microbiology (with lab)
Anatomy (with lab)
Upper division* is preferred                                
Physiology (with lab)
Upper division* is preferred
General/Organic Chemistry^ 8-16
Upper division* Biochemistry (lab preferred) 3-4
Medical Terminology 1
Elementary Statistics & Probability  3
Developmental (Lifespan) Psychology
(Abnormal Psychology is also recommended)
American Heart Association Healthcare Provider CPR
(must be valid through November 30, 2016)
*Upper division denotes 300-400 level courses (or 3000-4000) which are geared towards college juniors and seniors. These courses are not found at community colleges.
^Individual colleges will determine their own chemistry sequences of preparation for Biochemistry.

Other information

  • Science classes and required labs must be taken in person rather than online. Generally, science courses should be completed in the seven years preceding application to the PA Program.
  • Since the MPAS is a rigorous graduate program, Union College prefers courses from a four-year college or university, rather than from community colleges. We recommend that you add upper division biology courses such as Advanced Microbiology, Cell Biology, Developmental Biology, Endocrinology, Genetics, Immunology, Physiology, Advanced Anatomy, and Molecular Biology to your transcript to show your academic strength. We also recommend an upper division Biochemistry II.
  • Union College does not accept prerequisite courses with grades less than "C."
  • Applicants to the PA program should have at least 240 of the required 480 hours of direct patient care experience completed at the time of application.
  • All applicants should provide documentation of PA shadowing.