Spotlight on Brad

Picture of Brad
Lincoln, NE
Biology (Pre-medicine)

Three things I'm passionate about: 

The time that I do not spend on science-related activities is filled with:

  • Music
  • Sports
  • Outdoor Activities

What surprised me about Union

I came to Union expecting to get to know a few people and hang out with just them. To my surprise, I found Unionites very friendly and quickly got to know a large majority of the students. Being a social person, this was a great surprise.

How I make Union my school

  • When I arrived at Union, I was mentored by both the science faculty and the upperclassman. Together they helped prepare me for the hard classes and encouraged me to keep trying when I got discouraged. I feel that it is my responsibility to pass this along to the students who are in the classes behind me. I want them to also gain the knowledge and wisdom that was passed down to me. 

How Union is preparing me for the future

In the spring of 2013, I became part of the biomedical research program under Dr. Frankie Rose. This was an incredible experience as I was able to be a part of a close-knit team that was passionate about discovering new things. The program has pushed me to understand concepts that are way above what my previous classes have taught me. I have learned to become a better communicator and a better leader, as we are expected to present our research findings and make judgments on the next step of action. Plus, it does noy hurt to have a scientific journal publication on your resume!

Reasons to love Lincoln

Honestly, I love a lot about Lincoln. Of course, growing up here I have been able to meet the many great people that live here. Although Lincoln is a midsized city (about 250,000), it does not feel big. The people are friendly and they do not ignore you on the sidewalk.

I also love the weather. It is always changing and adding another exciting dimension to my day. It is fun to have a sunny and 70 degree day in January, followed two days later by a snowstorm. 

You should definitely take a class from

Dr. Moguel. Warning, his classes are hard! His humor mixed with a Hispanic accent is absolutely hilarious. He is passionate about science and loves his students. 

My advice to new students

Plan fun stuff to do. You will be able to focus on your studies more this way. You will be more motivated to work hard on your classes if you have something fun to do later. Make sure to have something that motivates you.