Vision and Goals


The Union College PA program will be recognized for its professional diversity, clinical relevance, academic excellence, and responsible servanthood, enabling students to practice with joy and compassion in primary care health services oriented to underserved communities.

Discussion of Vision Statement


  • Professional Diversity
    Graduates will act in a professional manner, acknowledging the physician assistant as one member of the health care team, recognizing the privilege of serving others regardless of color, social, ethnic, religious or economic status.
  • Clinical Relevance
    Graduates will proficiently perform the more routine duties of personal health care management typically provided by primary care physicians.
  • Academic Excellence
    Graduates will possess competence in a balanced core of knowledge drawn from the fields of medical and behavioral sciences, which enables lifelong learning, critical thinking and effective communication.
  • Responsible Servanthood
    Graduates will render service in the spirit of compassion and self-refraining love demonstrated by Christ in His ministry on earth.

The Union College PA program will accomplish its goals within or in excess of the accepted standards for the education of physician assistants as outlined by the document "Accreditation Standards For Physician Assistant Education," published by the Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant, Inc.

Discussion of Goals