Live streaming events on UCLive

Photo of student managing UCLive switcher.

UCLive—Union College's live webcasting service—provides video of a wide variety of live events via the Internet. UCLive uses the new Livestream technology, which makes the live feeds available on most platforms including Windows and Macintosh PCs, Apple and Android smartphones and tablets and Roku video players.

UCLive typically webcasts chapel services, Friday night vespers services, College View Church second service, home varsity athletic events and selections from high school athletic tournaments.

All UCLive events are archived and available for viewing on demand. To watch a live event, view a past event or see a broadcast schedule visit our UClive page:

During events such as high school athletic tournaments, UCLive uses a second channel for events broadcast off campus (at the College View Academy gym, for example). To view these events, please use the following link:

To view scores and replays of games from the Union College Invitational Volleyball Tournament held Oct. 15-17, 2015, click here.

How to watch UCLive

On a computer: Visit and select the event you want to view. Click the play button on the video you want to watch. (An event may have multiple videos.)

On a tablet or smartphone: Either follow the the above directions or install the Livestream app and search for the Union College feed.

On a Roku: Install and launch the Livestream channel and then scroll to bottom of the home page and select “Search for Account.” Search for Union College or Union College 2 and select the event you want to watch.

How to request UCLive coverage

If you have suggestions or questions, please email uclive [at]

If you would like us to webcast an event, please send an email to uclive [at] at least two weeks before the event and include the following information:

  • Name of the event
  • Location of the event
  • Purpose of the event
  • Sponsoring department
  • Target audience for webcast
  • Technical consideration (will there be a sound system, adequate lighting, etc)

Please understand that we may not be able to webcast every requested event. We will evaluate each event based on purpose and available personnel.