Faculty & Staff

Division of Business and Computer Science (402.486.2521)

Namesort ascending Title Location Extension Email
Seth McNeill Photo of Seth McNeill Assistant Professor of Engineering and Computer Science Krueger Center 132 2360 seth.mcneill@ucollege.edu
Lisa Forbes Photo of Lisa Forbes Associate Professor of Accounting and Finance Dick Building 301-C 2300 lisa.l.forbes@ucollege.edu
Kent Stahly Photo of Kent Stahly Associate Professor of Finance Dick Building 407-A 2306 kent.stahly@ucollege.edu
Jon Turk Photo of Jon Turk Assistant Professor of Marketing and Management Dick Building 301-G 2304 jon.turk@ucollege.edu
Gary Dickerson Photo of Gary Dickerson Associate Professor of Computer Science Dick Building 301-B 2308 garry.dickerson@ucollege.edu
Debbie Unterseher Photo of Debbie Unterseher Associate Professor of Computing Dick Building 407-B 2303 debbie.unterseher@ucollege.edu
Barry Forbes Photo of Barry Forbes Chair, Division of Business and Computer Science Dick Building 301-E 2302 barry.forbes@ucollege.edu
Aaron Purkeypile Accounting Faculty Dick Building 301-D 2301 aaron.purkeypile@ucollege.edu