PANCE 5-Year Performance Results

Union College values the physician assistant certification process established by the National Commission on the Certification of Physician Assistants (NCCPA). However, we recognize that the PA National Certification Examination (PANCE) primarily demonstrates an individual's test-taking skills. We further believe that the PANCE, while vital, is not a fully adequate measure of a PA's ability to provide high quality and compassionate health care to patients.

Union College is committed to the goal of 100 percent first-time pass rates for all PA graduates; however, we will accept a student to the PA Program who may face academic challenges but also demonstrates the high potential of being an excellent clinician, typically based on maturity, life experience, and an overt commitment to health care.

While the PANCE scores are important to the evaluation of students and our program curriculum, we also provide the following comments from program surveys, which we believe provides a more complete picture of our program and graduates.


Comments from our graduates' employers, six to twelve months after graduation

(Classes 2010-2012)

  • "She is a valued and trusted colleague and she is going to be a solid clinician."
  • "We're happy to have her work with us."
  • "Keep educating intelligent students with such a good attitude."
  • "Strong clinical knowledge"
  • "She started off with a very good background. She was able to step in and be helpful from the beginning of her employment."
  • "He has done an excellent job working as an orthopaedic PA. He has been well prepared with respect to the basics and is learning rapidly the additional specialty of orthopaedics."
  • "Great job. He was able to hit the ground running and is a hard worker."
  • "She came eager to learn. Had a good knowledge base. She is also very friendly and   communicates well with patients."
  • "I am very impressed overall. Currently we are recruiting 2 additional Union grads."


"What are the  strengths of the PA Program at Union College?"

(responses at graduation, Class of 2014)

  • "It prepares us for life after graduation."
  • "Faculty are very caring and always there to help."
  • "I love how small the class sizes are and how approachable the faculty are. They really care about you as a person."
  • "Small class size, Christian atmosphere, supportive and hardworking faculty"
  • "Lower student to faculty ratio means teachers have time to meet with you and actually care about your progress."
  • "Awesome faculty who care and are encouraging!"
  • "Constantly seeking to better the program, personalized help & support, Christian-value centered education"
  • "The new building and facilities will be a great asset."


"What do you consider to be the greatest strength of the Union College PA Program?"

(responses six months after graduation, Class of 2013)

  • "Small class size, I think Lincoln is a great city for PA school. Everything is in close     proximity."
  • "Community, small class size, caring staff, new beautiful building"
  • "Christian atmosphere, teaching and preparing for rotations, covering all aspects of the PA from dx, tx, coding, dictating, bedside manner."
  • "Close relation between students and faculty, didactic classes and rotations"
  • "Flexibility for allowing different rotation locations, especially if you're an out of state student, and of course excellent staff & teachers who genuinely care for your success”
  • "Family oriented feel"
  • "The length of the program with breaks to allow retention of the information is definitely a benefit in comparison with other programs."
  • "The clinical medicine class and wide variety of clinical rotations are two of the greatest strengths."
  • "I am happy with my education and feel I was prepared for my job overall."