Baccalaureate degrees require a minimum of 44 (50 for Bachelor of Arts) hours of general education courses (Honors Concentration and General Concentration) in the total of 124 hours.

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44-50 hours

Honors Concentration―20 hours
Introductory Course
HONS 125 Western Culture I OR HONS 126 Western Culture II 3
Seminars―9 hours
Three seminars (HONS 290 or 390) selected from program offerings, with an emphasis on topics in the arts, culture, and global issues. 
Honors Tour  
HONS 295 Study Tour Orientation 1
HONS 395 Honors Study Tour 3
HONS 398 Research Methods 2
HONS 498 Honors Thesis (152 KB PDF) 1
HONS 499 Thesis Presentation 1
(HONS 398 and 498 may be substituted by an approved research project within a student's major field of study. HONS 499 is required of all.)  
General Education―24-30 hours
CORE 108-119 FOCUS Required for all freshmen and transfer students with less than 24 hours. 1
Communication―3-5 hours  
ENGL 110 Writing for General Audiences 3
ENGL 212 Writing for Scholarly Audiences 3
COMM 105 Public Speaking OR COMM 205 Intro to Interpersonal Communication 2
Introductory Religion Course
RELT 205 Developing the Christian Mind or RELT 141 Christian Beliefs or RELT 115 Encountering Jesus as a Saviour 3
Science–3-4 hours
College-level lab-science course (Reccomended BIOL, CHEM or PHYS 151) 3-4
Mathematics―3 hours
MATH 119 or above  3
(MATH 122 recommended)
Health and Human Performance―3 hours
HHPA 155 Concepts of Wellness 2
One HHPA Activity course 1
Foreign Language―6 hours
(Required for B.A. degree only)
Beginning foreign language 3, 3
Students who have completed two years of a foreign language in high school have also completed this requirement.

Honors Thesis

Honors Thesis (152 KB PDF)
Graduates will employ critical thinking and/or creativity to pursue in-depth study in an area of their choice. Each Union Scholar, in consultation with the director, will choose a study advisor for his or her field. A proposal for the thesis must be submitted to and approved by the Union Scholars Advisory Committee. Evaluation of the project will be done by a committee consisting of the director and the student's advisory committee

Union Scholars Service Component Projects- 80 Hours

The Union Scholars honors program is centered on learning
about global issues and seeking solutions to major problems the world faces. Learning to serve is a major component in finding solutions, so each Union Scholar will be involved in at least 10 hours of community service each semester for a total of 80 hours during their four-year tenure at Union College.

Application Requirements

· Completion of Union Scholars Application.
· A minimum high school cumulative GPA of 3.50 for entering freshmen.
· A minimum composite ACT score of 24 or equivalent.
· A minimum college cumulative GPA of 3.33 for transfer students and current Union College students.
To earn an honors diploma from Union College, students who transfer into the Union Scholars program must complete a minimum of ten hours in the Union Scholars Honors Concentration.

Maintaining Membership

To continue as a Union Scholar a student must fulfill the following:
· Enroll in the appropriate honors sequence courses and receive a B average (3.00) or higher in these.
· Maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.33.

A student who receives a notification of discontinuance in the program may reapply to Union Scholars after these membership conditions have been fulfilled.

Transfer Policy

Students may transfer into the honors program at the director's discretion in a manner that is in agreement with the honors concentration. Transfer students will enter into the program via academic petitions to accommodate completion of honors requirements.