I. Provisional Admission

Permission to enter the Education Program

Students who wish to enroll in the teacher preparation program are required to apply for provisional admission to the Teacher Preparation Committee (TPC) during EDUC 125 Introduction to Teaching, generally taken during the freshman year. Transfer students should apply at the division office at the time of their first registration at the college.

Students must:

1. Apply for provisional admittance during the EDUC 125 Introduction to Teaching course;
2. Provide evidence of a GPA of 2.75 and no grade lower than C (2.00) in professional education or major field;
3. Sign a denial of felony/misdemeanor statement;
4. Complete background check;
5. Have no incomplete grades;
6. Complete the requirements of EDUC 125 Introduction to Teaching which include:

  • three recommendations giving evidence of moral, ethical, and professional character; one from a current or former residence hall dean or a pastor, one from a teacher and one from a work supervisor
  • completion of 20 clock hours of field experience
  • completion of an autobiographical sketch which includes a statement of career goals and rationale for requesting admission into the program
  • completion of the speech and hearing test
  • completion of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Assessment
  • take the required Praxis CORE tests as part of EDUC 125. Tests must be taken no later than November 1st. All tests must be passed before registering for EDUC 218;
  • obtain Live Text membership to collaborate with instructors and peers on classroom assignments as well as track your progress on meeting program outcomes. See the office for instructions on how to register for a membership.

The above elements will be examined by the Unit Faculty who will then recommend to the TPC for provisional acceptance or denial of admission into the program.

Candidates must move from provisional admission to full admission status within three academic years, or must again apply for provisional admission by repeating the previous steps.

If at any time the ending semester cumulative GPA falls below 2.75 or a grade below a C (2.00) in any EDUC or content course required for the endorsement major, the teacher candidate may not enroll for further professional education classes until the GPA is raised to 2.75 or above, the class is retaken, or permission is granted by the TPC.

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