Full Admission

Permission to enter upper division professional education classes

Students who have been provisionally admitted within the past three years and who wish to continue in teacher preparation must appear before the Candidacy Committee, usually during the spring semester of the sophomore year. The Candidacy Committee will be made up of the student's advisor(s), a member of the education faculty and, if the student desires, a peer.

A student eligible for candidacy must:

1. Complete an application for full admission and submit it to the Candidacy Committee by February 15;
2. Maintain a GPA of 2.75 or above with no grade lower than C (2.00) in professional education and major courses;
3. Have no incomplete grades;
4. Pass the Core Academic Skills Test (CORE) with minimal scores of Reading 156, Mathematics 150, and Writing 162 as required by the State of Nebraska;
5. Write a detailed plan showing how all remaining classes are scheduled to guarantee successful completion of the program;
6. Complete a portfolio with a rating of 2.0 or above on each outcome.
7. Provide a recommendation from content area division(s) (Secondary Education only);
8. Sign a denial of felony/misdemeanor statement.
9. Provide a report of 20 hours of Observation in a diverse setting.

The Candidacy Committee will review all records and schedules, discuss goals and character expectations, and recommend to the Teacher Preparation Committee (TPC) for acceptance or denial of the candidate to full admission status.

Each spring the Teacher Preparation Committee will: 

1. Review the recommendation of the Candidacy Committees;
2. Review candidate's progress and vote to confer or deny full admission;
3. Report decision to the candidate and, if denial is voted, a written explanation of cause will be given to the candidate;
4. Review the candidate's GPA.

If at any time the ending semester cumulative GPA falls below 2.75 or a grade below a C (2.00) in any EDUC or content course required for the endorsement major, the teacher candidate may not enroll for further professional education classes until the GPA is raised to 2.75 or above, the class is retaken, or permission is granted by the TPC.

Failure to gain full admission to the program by the end of the spring term of year two may significantly delay a student's progress through the program.

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