Student Teaching

Admission to Student Teaching
Permission to Student Teach

By April 1st, prior to the student teaching semester/year, the candidate must review the following criteria with his/her advisor to ensure that these requirements have been met.

The student must: 

1. Complete a Student Teaching Application;
maintain a GPA of 2.75 or above with no grade lower than C (2.00) in professional or major courses,
2. Have no incomplete grades;
3. Sign a denial of felony/misdemeanor statement;
4. Provide one recommendation that show evidence of maintenance of moral and ethical standards;
5. Provide evidence of a physical examination, including a TB test result, during the past six months;
6. Complete a minimum of 100 clock hours of field experience;
7. Complete at least 80% of course work in major area(s) Secondary Education candidates only;
8. Complete 100% of course work other than senior professional education courses
9. Complete a portfolio with rating of 2.0 or above on each outcome (Elementary Education Candidates only)
10. Complete a background check
11. Complete a work authorization form
12. Have taken the Praxis II senior content test as part of EDUC 450 (Elementary) or EDUC 410-418 (Secondary). Tests must be taken no later than November 1st. Senior content test must be passed before registering for EDUC 475 (Student Teaching).
13. Obtain a LiveText membership to collaborate with instructors and peers on
      classroom assignments as well as track your progress on meeting program
      outcomes. See the office for instructions on how to register for a

The Executive Committee will examine all evidence, review progress, and recommend to the Teacher Preparation Committee TPC approval or denial of the application to student teach.

The TPC will vote and report its decision to the student teacher candidate. If denial is voted, a written explanation of cause will be given to the candidate.

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