Education Program Mission/Goals


The Union College teacher education program prepares caring, competent teachers who respond to diversity; function effectively in multiple educational settings; and help all students develop to their fullest potential.


To be a teacher is to share in one of the most delicate and special assignments ever given to human beings because in the teaching/learning process characters are molded for time and eternity. It is our belief that God desires humans to develop to their full potential and to do so is possible only when the mental, physical, social, and spiritual capabilities are harmoniously developed. Additionally, we feel that pedagogical knowledge, skills, and disposition are necessary components for our candidates. Therefore, we believe that an effective teacher education program must provide for its candidates opportunities which foster the development of these components.

Purpose and Goals

The program prepares developers of human potential who demonstrate academic excellence, healthful living, professional practice, spiritual and social caring in their own lives, and who are committed to fostering such growth in the lives of their students in multiple educational settings.